General Receive general information about MSGIC business
Outreach Subcommittee Responsible for:

* Developing public relations and outreach strategies for MSGIC
* Maintain MSGIC website and related content
* Manage MSGIC social media accounts
* Liason and coordinate MSGIC Intern tasks related to the website and social media
Advocacy Subcommittee Chair Responsible for:

* Monitor and report on actions by legislative/executive bodies at state/local level that could impact the GIS community
* Liaison with non-GIS organizations that have an interest in GIS activities
* Promote leadership within MSGIC
Data and Resources Subcommittee Responsible for:

* Coordinating with other entities for geospatial-related activities in the state
* Collaborating with other entities for setting data standards and guidelines
* Promoting of available resources that would be valuable to the community
Training Subcommittee Responsible for:

* Exploring, developing and implementing training opportunities for GIS community in the state
* Developing opportunities to promote GIS education in the the state
Geospatial Career Outreach Working Group (Emerging Professionals) Responsible for:

* Fostering the growth and development of professionals seeking a career in the field of GIS
* Develop networking and training opportunities for emerging professionals, which includes
both recent graduates and career changers
Elevation Working Group Responsible for:

* Educating, informing, and supporting the advancement of Maryland elevation data
* Providing a forum for elevation data users at all levels of government, private industry, etc.
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Working Group Responsible for:

* Informing and connecting UAS users, managers, and stakeholders in mapping and GIS-related fields throughout Maryland
Utilities Working Group Responsible for:

* Informing and connecting utility data users, managers, and stakeholders in GIS and related fields throughout Maryland